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About us

Gramm Technik GmbH was founded in 1930 and is specialized in electroforming applications. In eight locations in Germany, Poland, United States, Mexico and China solutions for partial and full-surface coatings are developed and manufactured.

Gramm entered the dental market with the GAMMAT 12, the first electroforming unit that worked fully automatically.It was launched on the market in 1989, this ment nothing else but the breakthrough of this accurate and biocampatible technique.

In the past 30 years, the dental technology and also the unit development have been in a state of flux. But one constant has persisted. The name of the original is still the same: GAMMAT. Gramm is expert and leader of the world market in electroforming technology.

Products and services

Gramm is specialized in machines and materials for GES gold
electroforming, hard-gold-platin, friction renewal and is operating world wide. Pure 24-carat gold is the basis for GES electroforming the biologically based prostheses.

GAMMAT electroforming units mainly distinguish by: very easy handling, fully developed technique, low power consumption, pleasant design, reasonable pricing and exact dosing of the gold solution.The advantages of GES: biocompatibility, perfect fit, easy handling, economical material consumption, world wide acceptance, and long time experience.

Gramm`s electroforming technology bioesthetics expresses the main advantages of the electroforming technique. One equipment for electroforming, hard gold plating and friction renewal. Together with the electrolyte SG 200 a perfect synergy-the warranty for highest quality.

GAMMAT optimo 2

GAMMAT optimo 2

GAMMAT optimo 2

The GAMMAT® optimo 2 offers:
. fully automated process run
. automatic contact verification prior to actual process
. optiCLIC contacting system
. automatic calculation of the gold amount
. revolutionary hydrodynamics for improved uniformity of the deposits
. recycling process
. control in case of power failure
. friction renewal of worn telescopic protheses
. nickel-free 24K hard gold-plating

News & Innovations

GAMMAT optimo 2 

The esthetics of 24K-gold as well as utmost biocompatibility are integrated within Gramm´s gold-plating system GAMMAT® optimo2. Gold-platings made with the unit GAMMAT® optimo2 have a close, covering and securely adhering gold layer with an approx thickness of 8 µm.

A cohesive 24K gold plating protects against allergies caused by nickel or palladium.  With the Gramm GAMMAT® optimo2 friction renewal of worn prostheses is simple, fast and very efficient.


Gramm Technik GmbH
Einsteinstr. 4
71254 Ditzingen-Heimerdingen

Phone: +49 715 2500960
Fax: +49 715 2500980

Karin Schiffner
Head of Dental Division
Phone: +49 715 2500960

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